Building Your Color Story

Many decisions go into every project that is developed at J. Francis Company, and one decision that is most understated, and yet most impactful, for your next remodeling project, is the use of color. 

Color evokes emotion. Choosing the right colors can personalize your project and create a narrative. We use colors every day in life to evoke a reaction or memory. For example, we equate the color red with the word “stop” or “danger.” Reds can also be invigorating and warm. Imagine sitting in front of a fire at a campsite with a group of friends.

Nature-inspired palettes are still dominating the interior design world for the rest of 2023 into 2024. Midtone greens, earthy shades, and deep shades of black, brown, and blue are being partnered with vivid magentas and joyous jewel tones to cultivate much-needed peaceful and welcoming spaces in our homes.

Going into your next project with some colors in mind will help your designer or project developer craft a visual narrative out of these colors and develop your style. Although many factors go into planning your project, like space planning, budget, and balancing your needs and wants—color can be the stepping stone towards developing your overall style and what you want to feel as your step into your perfectly remodeled space for the first time.

Written by: Emily A. Borne